PDX Trains: Are there any "zombie"?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Are there any "zombie"?

"As well as the vampires had its boom, the theme of the"zombies"seems to be fashionable.
Films, television series and video games make these monsters look real, but are really there?

Because so far not found any. But what is real is the syndrome of cotard, known as the "walking corpse syndrome" that causes people to believe that they are dead.
The mental disorder, according to Discovery Fit and Health, is a type of illusory psychosis, such as schizophrenia.
The Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, collected the statements of Graham, a patient of this disorder.
"I lost the sense of smell and taste. Didn't make sense to eat because he was dead. It was a waste of time talking, since I never had nothing to say,"said the British man.
The disease affected you in such a way that he even wanted to move to live in the cemetery. It all started when man decided to commit suicide by entering an electrical appliance into your bathtub. Since then, think that he is dead. Unlike other patients, Graham can talk, walk and interact with others, published the newspaper.

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