PDX Trains: Care with cosmetic contact lenses!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Care with cosmetic contact lenses!

The unreasonable use of cosmetic lenses can result in severe irritation, abrasions of the cornea to devastating infections that can end up in permanent vision loss and to the loss of the eye.

Typically, the use of cosmetic contact lenses is most frequent during the "Halloween". Puerto Rican society of Ophthalmology has participated in several community-oriented efforts to talk about the risks of abuse of this type of product.
"Unfortunately, the sale of such products is not regulated and open access to both merchants and consumers. "Members of the society have seen an increase in cases in patients caused by misuse and are basically the result of seeking a change or as part of a costume", said doctor Héctor Villarrubia, President of the Puerto Rican society of ophthalmology.
"Contact lenses are classified as medical devices or"medical device"since 2005 by the (FDA) food and drug administration and require a prescription by a physician ophthalmologist or an optometrist.", explained doctor Emilio Arce-López, President of the Puerto Rico medical school chapter of Ophthalmology and delegate of Puerto Rico before the American Academy of ophthalmology. Not everyone is a candidate for the use of contact lenses and improper and unsupervised can produce complications that lead to permanent loss of vision.

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