PDX Trains: Ideas for last minute for your Halloween costume

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ideas for last minute for your Halloween costume

Night Halloween invites the party, to give free rein to creativity and work in grooming to impact. But if it made you late to buy a costume or simply refuse to take those who are fashionable, with a little makeup, you can achieve a different and striking style.

You would call attention if lights a spectacular black dress and decorate you face with a fantasy makeup.
To achieve this makeup where black and pink, Samuel Jeremías Barber used accessories or materials that can be achieved in a drawer in your home. Looking for stones, glitter, feathers, false Eyelash glue, correction for the face in two shades, shadows, pencils, blush, and lip gloss.
1 Prepare the face with concealer and Foundation. Apply lighter shades in the places you want to highlight and darker in the areas that you want to hide.
2 Apply dust loose in large quantities under the eyes so that you pick up the shadow that falls. This will allow the area of dark circles is whiter, which looks good on fantasy makeup.
3 The area of the eyes with black frame. You must dial the edge of eyelashes shaded rising way bowed to the eyelid brush. It leaves the downtown area without coloring.
4. Place a small slightly tilted upward carton that go from the edge of the right eye towards the hairline and with a large brush, make up the head with black shadow.
5 Apply shadow pink in the center of the eyelid.
6 Make up the left eye in a similar way, but draw the line of shade to your hair. There you can paint any picture with dark eyeliner. It seals the shadows with a layer and slightly damp brush.
7. Using a toothpick, apply false eyelashes glue in various parts of the front side and view hitting stones of different sizes and glitter.
8 Draw a line marking the full eye and placed pieces of a scarf of black feathers in the corner of the line of tabs, as if they were false.
9 Place a piece of cardboard small at the bottom of the right cheekbone in diagonal position towards the ear and apply the blush. In this way below will be marked and blurs the top of the cheekbone. Apply blush on the other cheek.
10 Paint your lips with a brush and add 'gloss', then it applies Frost in the central part of the lips. This technique can also be performed with the shade and gives a touch of clarity and dimension to the base color.

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