PDX Trains: More Americans put Latin names to their children

Friday, December 13, 2013

More Americans put Latin names to their children

The Hispanic population in the United States is still rising and that fact has apparently contributed to that more and more Americans opt for place name of Hispanic children.

Cyber spaces that provide a list of names for babies and also collected the most used, realize that new trend. That is the case of Belly Ballot. Among the most common Hispanic or Latin names - awarded by American children - are Ernesto, Maria and Miguel.
"All of this can explained it by high rates of population growth of Hispanic groups in the United States. There are seven States where more than 20% of its population is Hispanic. For example, in New Mexico the 46.3% of the population is Hispanic. In Texas is 37.6% in Arizona is 29.6% in Nevada is 26.5%. I believe that there is no doubt that there is an influence. And also has to do much with the names of the artists, the artists (Latin) input to the American world,"explained the demographer, Judith Rodríguez.
He said that by 2012 the Hispanic population in the United States was of 53.3 million and the non-Hispanic was at 197.8 million.
"For the 2060 the projection is that non-Hispanics will drop to 179 million and Hispanic rise to 128.8 million." There is no doubt that growth projections will be enormous", said Rodriguez.
For the sociologist José Rodríguez the trend is that in the next 20 years minorities will become majority.
"With the implications this has on political and social terms. Perhaps this (rising in Latin names to infants of non-Hispanic people) is recognition - the estratas of more power - that these names will be considered and more common. This has implications in acceptance. A Joseph and Mary are common", said Rodriguez.
"From the sociological point of view it is noticing a greater integration, at least in this area", he added.
Similar to the demographer agreed that it may be fashion. "The recognition of how there are people or groups who start awareness and who valued them consider them important. That happened with the name of Shakira that started it using when she became famous,"said the sociologist.
What are the most common names chosen by Americans:
· Lola
· Maria
· Ernesto
· Isabella
· Santos
· Carmen
· Diego
· Sierra
· Miguel
· Luis

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